Forest Inventory & Timber Measurement

Forest inventory surveys with timber measurement provide the basic information necessary to make informed decisions about the purchase of timber land and long term management of the resource. The field work involves laying out sample plots using a systematic grid or, in some cases, a complete inventory of every tree on the survey site. Merchantable timber volumes are determined by the results of the field survey.

The field survey itself involves more than just collecting tree data. During each site visit, notes are taken regarding disease or insect problems that contribute to the overall health of the stand while additional items noted include the presence or lack of roads, road surface condition, appropriate harvesting methods, water considerations (streams or wetlands) and any other factors that may affect the management of the timber resource.

Data collected in the field is analysed at the office. Volume calculations are made specific to the landowner's needs and potential markets. Stocking levels, growth and age calculations are also made at this time. All of this data and other notes are used to develop the site-specific report and management plan.

Forest Valuations and Appraisals

We offer this service for those individuals or companies in need of a more precise and extensive valuation of their timber in preparation for  harvesting, for tax reasons or selling/leasing parcels.

We provide an accurate appraisal of the forest’s current timber volume and its current market value. This is necessary in valuing estates, dividing land or purchasing land and selling or buying timber.

The timber is measured by an experienced forester who systematically measures trees using a series of try out points or plots. Depending on the timber age and size of parcel, valuation methods may be either ocular to a 100% inventory. We utilize computer software in computing data collected in the field. This results in an accurate timber estimate.

You can be assured of a thorough, unbiased and accurate timber valuation and appraisal when you contact Forest Measurement Ireland for your timber appraisal needs.

Drone Assisted Surveys

We use drone camera and surveying technology to help with

• Improved forest management and operational planning;

• Inventory Assessment and valuation, particularly in calculation of productive areas, stocking and access;

• Monitoring of activities such as harvesting and road-building;

• Research into health and status of forest enabling targeted response;

• Overcoming access issues in inaccessible areas, such as flooded lands or land encroached with broadleaves and scrub;

• Rapid response to environmental impact events – e.g. assess storm damage.

Plan: Select the area you want to survey, plan and simulate your mapping mission and tasks

Fly: We send an experienced forester to pilot the drone, it will capture and geo-tag high resolution images and video

Process: Process acquired images to produce digital geo-referenced maps

Deliver: The result is impressive up-to-date imagery and maps in almost any industry standard format

The video above was created for our client to present construction progress on a wind farm development. Filmed and edited by FMI.

Forest Management Planning

Detailed forest management plans are vital to landowners or companies who are interested in the long term management of the timber resource on their property. Each plan can be tailored to suit the specific goals of the client. In many cases, the primary objective is to realise periodic income from the forest through the use of silvicultural prescriptions. However, many clients will consider other amenities from the forest such as wildlife habitat, aesthetics or recreational potential to be an integral part of the management plan.

Management plans consider the short- and long-term management objectives. These other considerations include soils, roads, road conditions, harvest methods, disease or insect problems, growth and age data, presence of wildlife trees and deadwood. As necessary or requested by the client, wildlife habitat, aesthetics and recreational potential may be discussed. All of these factors play an important role in potential timber management options.

Validation of Remote Sensing Data

Forest Measurement Ireland currently provides plot-based validation services to support Aerial LiDAR surveys. We have previously been involved with field surveying for projects such as terrestrial laser scanning and RapidEye satellite imagery storm assessment applications.

We have invested in state-of-the-art forest measurement equipment including sub-metre survey grade GNSS recievers, ruggedised field computers and other navigation technologies.